Very pleasant experience.

Jane M.

Lakeland, FL

Very pleasant and informative. I would do business with them again and recommend them to anyone who needs service on their water softener.

Samuel C.

Eustis, FL

Came right over checked out my purifier system and got it set up well.

Matthew K.

Saint Cloud, FL

The actual service was excellent. I had thought that it was a plumber who would help find the underlying issue. While the softener media did need to be replaced, water pressure in the house was still low. A broken hose bib from a downed tree was finally discovered. I had expected a plumber to find and fix it. Another service was called to correct this issue. The owner personally spoke with me to correct what he could.

Hal J.

Maitland, FL

They were very knowledgeable about my problem.

Elliott M.

Zellwood, FL

Calvin and Alan were very knowledgeable, courteous, and overall a pleasure to work with. The thing I liked the best is that they did not try to sell me a new system, they were honest and made the repairs I needed. I already recommended them to friends!


Orlando, FL

Wow....Simply Amazing and Over the Top Extremely Impressed....I'm a 15 year resident here in Central Florida, who personally worked for 7 different water treatment / softening / conditioning companies, which include Water Equipment Technologies, Pro-Elite (now known as Greener Technologies), Sunstate Water, Guardian Water Systems, Electrolux Water of Apopka, Home Makeover Systems, and Rainsoft (Discovery Marketing).

I have plenty of knowledge regarding the Multiple Water Treatment Systems and Marketing Methods utilized here in Central Florida, from basic softeners to full treatment systems. The majority of Central Florida Water Treatment client's are via Word of Mouth, and I can definitely appreciate why this is so, as I am happy to explain.

Clearly, with my experience and research, I could have chosen anyone to assist with my water conditioning needs. I even looked at on-line offerings, though knew my best bet would be to deal with an honest, local company, who leaves out all the hype, marketing gimmicks, and big overhead, which the customer ends up paying for...No Thank you!!!

Bottom line: Alan of Central Florida Water Treatment, provides the absolute finest water conditioning system, with the highest calibre resins and catalytic carbon, along with the latest technologies, highest flow-rate valves, top-quality electronics and tanks, including proven system reliability, along with Top Installer, Calvin, to install.

I must say that these folks exceed my expectations on all levels. The pricing of my complete water conditioning system, surprisingly came in below $5k, which is $2k-$4k less of an investment when compared to other local companies retail pricing. For less than the cost of a can of soda, per day, I can save significantly more with my new savings from extended life of my appliances, lessor use needed of soaps, cleaning chemicals, shampoo and many other daily items used in my household.

My new and highly specialized water treatment system gives me the greatest results and peace of mind, including knowing the resin used is of such high caliber, 13%-15% , as opposed to many 6%- 8% resins used, and the fact that that I have a lifetime resin and tank warranty, provided I properly maintain the catalytic carbon , and have annual maintenance, which is priced very reasonably. No one else even comes close!
I am so impressed that Alan did not try to "sell me" on anything, as the Gold Plus System, in conjunction with Alan's several decades of industry experience, along with his integrity and satisfied reviews by his many clients, is what actually "sold" me.

With this said, no need to waste one's money nor time with a lessor product, technology, inferior resin nor low grade carbon, which can be extremely inferior when compared to the high quality and value provided by Central Florida Water Treatment.

Alan was straight-forward and helpful from the moment he arrived. Never once did I have any hesitation, as within the first 60 seconds, I knew that I would be pleased with my choice, and must say that it feels great to know that I made the right decision after several hours, weeks, months, and years of industry experience and research.

Stop wasting Alan and you will see what you have been just 24 hours, my skin feels smoother, towels are fluffier, and finally my dishwasher is now properly cleaning and sanitizing my dishes. I was most delighted this evening to discover no more murky film on my dishes nor silverware, as a result of one of my best investments, in good health, and pro-actively extending the life of my appliances and fixtures too.

Thank you Alan and Calvin. My family has already noticed no more itchy skin. Additionally, our multiple pets thank both of you, for now having round the clock access to superior quality water via our new system.
PS- Alan is one who spends a great deal of time helping to bring quality water to nations throughout the world, spending countless hours volunteering, via his passion.

Scott S.

Altamonte Springs, Florida

Our water is fantastic -- soft and clean. Working with Alan and Central FL Water was a no-stress experience. The work was done fast too. I'm so glad I called them.


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